PATCH: fix KMenuBar size

Karol Szwed gallium at
Sun Oct 27 04:11:30 GMT 2002

On Friday 25 October 2002 20:26, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> Hello,
> somebody please review the attached patch. As usually, I'm not sure what
>exactly it does, but it works for me. It should fix a problem when
> maximizing a window with toplevel menubars enabled sometimes doesn't work
> (the window is placed under the menubar) - e.g. after starting an empty KDE
> session, starting e.g. kwrite and maximizing it. The problem was that the
> strut was set incorrectly, as heightForWidth() returned very small value
> for empty menubar, and it looks like KXMLGUI creates menubars, shows them,
> and only after that fills them. The patch is a quick hack solution.

Its clean and seems to work well for me. I suggest you commit.

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