Freedesktop stuff (ok to commit?)

Daniel Stone dstone at
Fri Oct 25 06:39:23 BST 2002

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 01:23:47AM -0400, Zack Rusin scrawled:
> we've been sitting on this patch for a very long time now. Red-Hat guys 
> (Harald Hoyer to be exact) even emailed this list and we still have 
> only partially committed their patch saying that it's in. The kicker 
> stuff is in but the kwin patch hasn't been applied. Therefore right now 
> we only have partial support for the Freedesktop docking standard, 
> since we're in a deep freeze I'd like to ask everyone involved - OK to 
> commit?

I looked at this a while ago for Debian, at the behest of Rob McQueen
(GAIM dude). It personally looks good to me, and I think it should
definitely be added for 3.1, to compliment the kicker patch.

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