genembed when compiled via gcc 3.2 fails to produce ANY output for the keramik theme

Jeff Stuart jstuart at
Fri Oct 25 08:00:03 BST 2002

When I attempt to compile kdelibs with gcc 3.2, when it gets to the
keramik theme, the program genembed when run either by hand OR via the
make file, fails to produce ANY kind of output which then means that the
compile fails due to missing function definitions.

However, when genembed is compiled using gcc 2.96, it works fine! 

I'll BET if I replaced the cout << with printfs, it would work. But
that's NOT the real solution. Something is wrong PROBABLY on my system
but I do not know C++ well enough to know WHERE To look.

Please, I'd REALLY love to get kde 3.1 CVS with the latest qt-copy
working so that I can test and use Quanta again! 

Thank you. 

Jeff Stuart <jstuart at>

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