Linker error compiling kdelibs cvs

Melchior FRANZ a8603365 at
Wed Oct 23 17:45:58 BST 2002

* David Faure (david at [021023 12:05]:
> Could be several things.
> * Old (not your case though, if you compiled from scratch)
> * Wrong uic being used (check the command used to recreate
> * Undefined symbol makes uic not work (I had to "make install" in kdecore so
> that uic wouldn't load a lib with undef symbols) (here again, check what happens
> when uic runs, and whether it shows any "undef symbol").
> Bug seems to be that we don't abort compilation when uic fails.

Same problem here, although both qt-copy and kde are very
fresh and compiled after making cvs-clean. No old
in $KDEDIR/lib/kde3/plugins/designer, but rather the version that
was left by making install in kdecore. Yet uic crashes when
called from the Makefile:

| /usr/local/qt/bin/uic -L /usr/local/kde/lib/kde3/plugins/designer \
| -nounload -tr tr2i18n [...]

But the funny thing is, that the Makefile also says
| [...] sed -e "s,tr2i18n( \"\" ),QString::null,g" [...]

but when I call uic without
"-L /usr/local/kde/lib/kde3/plugins/designer"
and hence actually get a working (instead of
a segfault), this file doesn't contain "tr2i18n" at all, but
rather several instances of "tr218n" (note the missing 'i'!).
Looks suspicious, no?

m.   :-)

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