Wheel-scrolling in comboboxes (Re: kdelibs/kdeui)

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Wed Oct 23 09:50:55 BST 2002

On Wednesday 23 October 2002 09:41, David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 October 2002 02:51, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > as for the patch i posted earlier, the latency could be lowered much
> > lower than .5 seconds (it was just a number a picked out of the air,
> > really) ...
> But if it's too short it's pointless, and if it's not short then you can
> submit a form or dialog with the wrong value. I don't think this is a
> solution.

> > however, i know this is a doomed idea. too many people want to see
> > scrolling disabled everywhere, it seems.
> Not everywhere, only on _closed_ comboboxes....
Well, I agree that in web pages it makes not much sense and can be activated 
accidently. Almost the same for the location bar. But in KDE's configuration 
dialogs where I _know_ whats in a combobox I really liked that feature, for 
example the identity combo in kmail which I have to scroll daily. The 
absolutely best example for direct activation was somewhere in the backgroud 
dialog--you could scroll over the images combo and have the preview 
immediately. Well... *dream*

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