KDE 3.1 RC1 planned next week

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Sun Oct 20 22:54:03 BST 2002


this is a schedule reminder that we plan to tag KDE 3.1 RC 1 next week. 

I would like to suggest the following procedure: 

- Identify showstoppers, critical and grave bugs that *have* to be fixed
  before release. Please mark them as such (critical/grave) on bugs.kde.org. 

- Test the current code to make sure it has no embarrassing regressions. 

- Please stop working on the various feature-branches that were created the
  last few weeks for the time till 3.1 release and help fixing the above
  list of grave issues. 

- Please test compilation of the code on as many platforms as you have 
  access to. 

- Please post your patches for review. 

Thanks for reading,

Dirk (received 623 mails today)

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