KDE 3.1 RC1 planned next week

Dave B. googleplex at wi.rr.com
Tue Oct 22 15:22:53 BST 2002

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| Hi,
| this is a schedule reminder that we plan to tag KDE 3.1 RC 1 next week.
| I would like to suggest the following procedure:
| - Identify showstoppers, critical and grave bugs that *have* to be fixed
|   before release. Please mark them as such (critical/grave) on 

I'd like to point out bug http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48211

Basically Konqi will crash if you mix up differant ways of closing the 
tabs.  Open up a few tabs in Konqueror. Right click on the
rightmost tab and click close. Then use the keyboard shortcut to close 
the rest of the tabs [ctrl-w I believe is the default].

Konqi will crash and give a backtrace. I know I often switch between the 
two styles of closing tabs, as sometimes its faster to
close the tab by right clicking, sometimes faster to use the keyboard.

I think many people will run into this once they try one of the most 
popular feature requests for this new version of Konqueror,
and become frustrated/disappointed with this.

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Dave B.
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