X Resize and Rotate support

Hamish Rodda meddie at yoyo.its.monash.edu.au
Sat Oct 19 15:32:03 BST 2002


X Resize and Rotate is an extension to X which allows resizing, rotating, 
reflecting, and changing the refresh rate of each screen of an X display on 
the fly.  The extension has recently been committed to XFree86; the next 
version, 4.3 is planned for release this year.

I've commited a user interface for this extension to kdenonbeta/kcmrandr.  It 
consists (currently) of a control panel and a system tray app.  Screenshots 
can be found here: http://yoyo.its.monash.edu.au/~meddie/patches/screenshots/

As you might expect, there are a few things which could be altered to support 
the extension better, though the system is quite usable already:

* Font sizes on newly started apps are too small / too large after a 
resolution decrease / increase respectively (X bug?)
* Popup menus do not get properly constrained to the size of the new window

* Capture RRScreenChangeEvent and appropriately place windows

* Capture RRScreenChangeEvent and reposition appropriately rather than (as 
currently) being restarted via dcop
RandR programs
* Write a kded module (?) to retain a user-wide setting over logins
* Make KTimerDialog a respectable candidate for kdeui inclusion
* Not tested with Xinerama / multiple screens (but should support them if 
there are no bugs)

Feedback welcome ;)  (though my net access will be limited for the next month)



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