KDirWatch (Re: problem with KIO::NetAccess and KDirLister/KFileTreeView)

David Faure david at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Oct 16 09:58:23 BST 2002

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On Wednesday 16 October 2002 03:20, Josef Weidendorfer wrote:
> I thought that typical FAM installations come without kernel support...
> But you can see what fam is doing by starting it with "fam -d" in a xterm.

Cool stuff - it uses dnotify, so no stat'ing.

fam[3915]: express() name: .screenrc
fam[3915]: New FileWatch for 306 f2c8
fam[3915]: told dnotify to monitor ".screenrc" = dev 3/6, ino 62152
fam[3915]: sent event to client 6: request 5 ".screenrc" Exists

> > > You say: Konqueror needs to notice files growing. So there's no real way
> > > around this, is there? And stat() in LINUX is really fast in my
> > > experience (they put a lot of effort into this).
> >
> > It's very slow over NFS, but that's another story ;)
> And that's the real reason to use FAM. On the NFS server machine, a fam daemon 
> needs to running and everything will be quite fast again.

Right. We need to remember to answer this, to bug reports about the
stat'ing over NFS... Cc'ing 48963 ;)

> > Hmm. I can see from here the reports from people who notice that konqueror
> > is stat'ing every file it's showing, many times per second.... (maybe a
> I don't think this is too bad. We do already enough periodic watching.
> We need to test it in CVS Head for a while, and if no developers has problems 
> with it, I think the enduser will not have problems, too.
> > much longer period like 1-5 seconds would be enough, but it gives an
> > impression of slowness....)
> Yes, that's a possibility. And if a user wonder about the slowness, simple 
> say: Use FAM or DNOTIFY!

Right :)

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