Patrick Julien freak at codepimps.org
Sun Oct 13 22:45:58 BST 2002

After talking to Tim Jansen, I'm forwarding to kde-core-devel...

The documentation for KSharedPtr says it emulates a C++ pointer perfectly.  
However, the following code does not compile without the attached patch.  
This code would compile fine with a regular pointer.

#include <ksharedptr.h>
class A : public KShared {};
class B : public A {};
void test(KSharedPtr<A> a) {}

int main()
  KSharedPtr<B> b = new B;
  KSharedPtr<A> a = b; // Does not compile

  test(b); // Does not compile 
  a = b;  // Does not compile

  return 0;

The attached patch fixes both problems... KSharedPtr still doesn't emulate a 
C++ pointer perfectly, but at least fixes my personal pet peeves.

P.S.  I don't subscribe to kde-core-devel.
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