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Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Sun Oct 13 23:08:22 BST 2002

El Domingo, 13 de Octubre de 2002 22:57, Oswald Buddenhagen escribió:
> > and moreover I agree with Ingo and Thomas that the feature is now
> > extremely close to people that don't realize the danger until it is
> > too late.
> > 
> this is simply not true. only users that already knew the feature will
> be faced with it (and its much improved usability). it's disabled by
> default - and as opposed to before, _no_ new user will ever notice it,
> if he does not read the kdm readme.

If it's disabled by default for 3.1, you say that you've reviewed the patch 
_very_ carefully, it works ok, when it's disabled it doesn't affect any of 
the existing code and the translators (and documentation writers if they 
exist :) !) give you the ok to commit, then I cannot see why people write 
so much about it. Now, if someone finds a bug within that code I would 
just remove the whole patch and wait for after 3.1 to commit it (and the 
bugfix :) )

> > This stuff either needs a close-to-perfect GUI, or none at all.
> >
> well, i tried it without a gui ... but this turned out to be
> inacceptable. we need this user's-will-detecting device finally. :)

I think it's a very nice feature, but I think there's something that you 
can do to make it _much_ safer (if I understood it right).
When you open another session you run another kdm in another vt, isn't it?
Then I want to propose something.
Inside kdm, when the user clicks on the "Shutdown" button, you should check 
if there's another kdm running, if there's another one running, then you 
know you shouldn't let the user shutdown the machine because there may be 
active sessions of other users, so kdm should just close that "session". 
Only in the last kdm process you should offer the user the "halt/reboot" 
options. Does it make sense?

Of course, I'm talking now about post3.1 .


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