Fwd: [kde-solaris] Patches for kde-3.1-beta2 on Solaris 2.8/Forte C++ 6.x

David Faure david at mandrakesoft.com
Sun Oct 13 09:11:15 BST 2002

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On Saturday 12 October 2002 22:16, Alex Zepeda wrote:
> kdialog/kdialog.cpp: no real objection here either, should kdebug be used 
> here or is this something that intentionally writes to stdout?

It must go to stdout, and without 'appname:' prefix. This is used by the caller
shell script.
The patch isn't for the current CVS version of the file anyway, stream.h is no more there.

> libkonq/konq_popupmenu.cc (still.. pretty casts would be nice)

Better use .data() than a cast anyway. But why doesn't the char* cast work
on Solaris? That's either a Qt bug or a Sun compiler bug. This cast is advertised
to work, in the Qt API. Please investigate.

> kicker/applets/clock/clock.cpp: unsure if time.h is needed elsewhere, 
> perhaps this should be wrapped around an ifdef HAVE_TIME_H

Err, we use it unconditionnally in many other places... Is time.h not available on Solaris?

I committed kdirwatch_p.h, kdirlister.h.
The kdelibs patch was truncated, please submit that one again
(If possible after updating kdelibs again)

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