accel problems: might be qt-copt, might be kdelibs

Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at
Sat Oct 12 21:57:26 BST 2002


Since building the whole KDE from scratch a few days back, I and many 
others (at least two br's for KMail) notice that listviews in KMail 
seem to get all keystrokes, in addition to KActions.

- If you hit <space>, selection of the current item of the listview that 
  has focus is toggled.
  In addition, KMail pages down.
- If you hit 'v' while the folder list has focus, the first folder 
  starting with 'v' is selected.
  In addition, the current message's source is shown.

And so on. Anyone feeling quilty? :-)


"Similia similibus currentur"
           -- Bush's new motto in fighting terrorism.
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