DCOP ' Couldn't attach to DCOP server'

Martijn Klingens martijn at martijn.homeip.net
Wed Oct 9 11:06:19 BST 2002

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Per Winkvist wrote:
> If I start KDE and then switch to a text console or telnet to my computer and
> run dcop I always get 'Couldn't attach to DCOP server'. For a couple of
> months ago dcop spit out a message saying that I should set DISPLAY. Nowadays
> it doesn't do this. Setting the DISPLAY to :0.0 makes dcop do what I want.
> The following patch sets the DISPLAY upon error and tries one more time which
> works great for me.
> Any comments  ?

Besides Lubos' comments the patch even tries to set $DISPLAY when using
the --user or --all-users command line options and I don't think that's
going to work out.

Also, doesn't 'dcop --user $USER <args>' work? I added this command line
option for exactly this purpose, being able to call dcop from the console,
even from another user account (root daemon processes and cron jobs!) if
the permissions allow access to the user's dcop data in the home dir.


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