Thomas Zander zander at planescape.com
Sun Oct 6 17:55:12 BST 2002

On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 06:32:04PM +0200, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Hi!
> The background dialog has several grave bugs and it seems
> noone is going to fix them ;(
> This gives usability a very bad name, if in the name of it working
> GUIs are replaced by GUIs full of bugs - I'm quite disappointed.
> All in all we can't release KDE 3.1 with that code. 
> - one button is always shown half way
> - if I remove the default wallpaper to get a pattern background,
>   I get the default back again on next start.
> - if I replace the default blue with Blkmarble.jpg I get a correct
>   preview (the little tile centered on my pattern), but apply gives
>   me again a blue background. 
> - it's not possible to switch to a simple background without removing
>   all jpegs.
> - it's not clear that you can select image dirs too in the Add Image...
>   dialog.

In addition;

- The keyboard shortcut 'm' and 'l'  (for the color dialogs) don't work.
- The advanced dialog has an 'apply' which makes no sense there.
- The advanced dialog has an 'ok' which does save the changes made in that diag.
- I think its rather silly that you can't select a list of images to remove.
- The problems discussed on kde-usability was about the user not understanding
how the colors and the pictures were meant to go together; this has not 
improved in the current design. There are just more widgets on screen.

If I redesign a widget I keep bugging the programmer (including myself) just
as long as it takes to get it perfect, otherwise the changes have not done
much good, half a fix is just as good as no fix at all in the UI world.

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