Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Sun Oct 6 17:32:04 BST 2002


The background dialog has several grave bugs and it seems
noone is going to fix them ;(

This gives usability a very bad name, if in the name of it working
GUIs are replaced by GUIs full of bugs - I'm quite disappointed.
All in all we can't release KDE 3.1 with that code. 

- one button is always shown half way
- if I remove the default wallpaper to get a pattern background,
  I get the default back again on next start.
- if I replace the default blue with Blkmarble.jpg I get a correct
  preview (the little tile centered on my pattern), but apply gives
  me again a blue background. 
- it's not possible to switch to a simple background without removing
  all jpegs.
- it's not clear that you can select image dirs too in the Add Image...

These testings have been done on my test machine with a fresh beta2
build (actually I build a gentoo 1.4 with 3.1b2 from scratch to get the
impression how a user sees it :), but the diff between beta2 and HEAD
look like reorganization of the code but not like bug fixes to the bugs
I just reported.

Greetings, Stephan

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