libtrash ?

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at
Wed Oct 2 19:41:39 BST 2002

Alexander Kellett writes:

> On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 11:54:58PM +0200, Christian Str?mmen
> [Number1/NumeroUno] wrote:
>> Can someone with a better technical knowledge than myself please
>> take a look at libtrash (
>> featured on slashdot
>> (
>> today and see if this is something that we can/should use?
>> If this thing will give us some kind of overview and possibility of
>> undeleting files that are deleted from the shell directly from
>> konqueror, then isn't it a huge step up compared to our current
>> solution?

> this has been suggested several times now. and after loosing 15
> minutes of work last night i'm leaning towards agreeing with its
> usefulness atm :)

> was there any conclusion on the old discussions?, it would be very
> nice for a cvs co of kde to give me this. its one of the things that
> many windows users (me included) really expect.

> i'd prefer for this (or rather versioning) to be in my favourite fs
> personally. but thats not gonna happen for a while so i'll stop
> dreaming.

One problem with this approach is that you can't discriminate between
stuff the user deleted himself and stuff that a program deletes like
temporary files etc.  I'd think that you would end up with a lot of
nonsense in your trash bin with this library..

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