Proposal for KControl

Holger Freyther freyther at
Sun Jun 30 07:48:23 BST 2002

Am Sunday 30 June 2002 01:33 schrieb Cristian Tibirna:
> On Saturday, 29 June 2002 16:51, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
> > In the end what I am getting at is, can we limit what is done via the UI
> > and make a ResEdit type of app that allows you to tweak things that only
> > geeks really care about?
> A start at this was done many times. The oldest I remeber is Antonio
> Larrosa's, of 4-5 years ago (!!!)
> The problem with the resedit approach is that we don't have the
> infrastructure for it. It would become necessary, for a resedit to
> function, that all KDE-compliant apps save _all possible_ configuration
> options in an XML file in a stadardised file repository. I mention this,
> because Antonio's initial work was based on parsing all config files
> available in
> $KDE_HOME/share/config (and perhaps, if much increased complexity is
> acceptable, hierarchically parse all rc files in all $KDEDIRS config
> locations) and then, for each option read, have a factory generate a
> standard widget: a text lineedit for text entries, a radiobutton for a bool
> entry, a numedit, a color picker for a color entry etc. etc.
> Again, problem with this aproach was that it is nowhere stated in the
> styleguides that an app has to save all possible configuration options at
> first run. And what happens with apps not yet ran at least once?

Didn't we change the behaviour for kiosk mode that only changed options are 
written to the file into $KDEHOME?
There is always( should be ) the master configuration... in the olde 
$KDEDIR/share/config IIRC.
But yes it's true that this approach can lead to trouble cause you don't know 
how to interpretate a key value pair in a config

FooBar = 0 is it bool or int? RadioButton or SpinBox?

just my 2 cents

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