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On Saturday 29 June 2002 04:37 pm, Charles Samuels wrote:
> lørdag 29 juni 2002, 01:28 pm, skrev Thomas Zander:
> > Only having less options in total will solve that problem.
> So as long as the defaults are those that you like.
Oh while we are at it can we apply that patch for focus follows mind?

Seriously I have been reading a paper that a prof of mine did about HCI and 
tweaking the interface.  He argued that the idea of tweakable interface is 
nice but adds complexity that convolutes the UI.  Okay so far I have said 
nothing that _should_ come as a shock to anyone.  The point of the paper was 
that simple features and tweaks should be plain and clean.  While more 
"geeky" features should be only found via more complicated UIs and even 
registery settings.  As a reference we can look at how MacOS has for most 
options a Main tab that has features 90% of the human race uses, an advanced 
tab that 9% of the human race uses and ResEdit for the 1% of the human 
population that want their macos bar to appear on the side of the screen 
instead of the top.

Our big kick in the pants is we dont have a million dollar budget to have 
college kids sit in a dim room and click on dummy UIs. But we do have the 
luxury of some of their research. 

In the end what I am getting at is, can we limit what is done via the UI and 
make a ResEdit type of app that allows you to tweak things that only geeks 
really care about?

Just my 2c...
- -ian reinhart geiser
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