Proposal for KControl

Charles Samuels charles at
Sat Jun 29 21:17:47 BST 2002

A lot of users say stuff like "I'd like to make the taskbar show only the 
current desktop" -- and ask me to guide them through it.

KControl, instead of being called "Control Center" should be "Configure..." 
(on the panel).

And then, instead of group by category, you group by application, THEN you 
group by category.

+ Web Browser
  - Appearance
  - Fonts
  - Security
+ File Browser
  - Appearance
  - Icons
+ Panel
  - Taskbar
  - Appearance
+ General
  - Widget Appearance
  - Screensaver
  - Colors
+ Desktop
  - Icons
  - Appearance
  - Directory Paths
+ Peripherals
  + Mouse
     - Accessibility
     - Speed
     - General
  - Keyboard
  - Scanner
  - Digital Camera

(etc, you get the idea)

Why do we have a "Personalization" category?  Isn't all of KControl about 
personalization? :)

Why do we have an "Information" group?  What does that have to do with a 
_Control_ center?

I think this fixes the long-time problem of it being difficult for even 
seasoned KDE users (such as ourselves) to find things sometimes.

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