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Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Mon Jun 24 17:31:54 BST 2002

On Sunday 23 June 2002 20:23, Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> I observed this behavior too. Easy to trap this bug if you read a long
> document in e.g. Konq or KGhostview and only hit space or pagedown once in
> 20-30 seconds. Anyways, once the screensaver embarks, keyboard events are
> detected correctly. Most probably, this bug sneaked in at the last
> screensaver engine reshuffle (many weeks ago -perhaps immediately after
> 3.0).
No, must be even earlier - just yesterday I discovered this on a Mandrake 8.2 
disti running KDE 2.2. However, it was the first time I saw the bug so I 
guess it depends on the X Server as well? Normally I'm running XFree 4.x, 
yesterday I was using XFree 3.3.6.

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