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OK, I got you. Your main problem is, that the config pages may appear and 
disappear and the user gets confused because he doesn't know how to get that 
page back into his configuration dialog.
This may be true for Konqueror, or any app that can load different KParts. 
We'd need a solution for them or we'd just go on showing the kcmshell (for 
konqueror) and KParts can come with their own KAction to show the new 
configuration dialog.
For all other cases (an app that uses only one KPart) - like KView and Kate - 
the problem wouldn't arise since the configuration modules of the app and 
part would always be present.

Plugin configuration is different though. In my opinion the configuration page 
of a dialog shouldn't ever appear if the plugin is not used (loaded). Imagine 
a user opening that page configuring it and then he wonders why it doesn't 
Plugin loading, btw, is not handled on demand but only when the user selects a 
plugin to be used.

On Saturday 22 June 2002 18:27, Thomas Zander wrote:
> Well, your solution is based on the idea that one dialog will show all the
> config modules.  Therefor I don't see an easy solution.  To go back to the
> KWord/KSpread issue (i.e. kparts) each would have its own menu-entry, and
> thus its own configuration dialog.  This can be done based on a singleton
> with a key (the application name).

Either that or we'd create a tree:

+ KWord Part
  | General
  | some more
+ KSpread Part
  | General
  | whatever

I really like the idea of having the configuration in one dialog. I don't like 
to open several dialogs to search for that one thing I wanted to change.

> Plugin-configs that are only visible when loaded is not nice, but I don't
> see a solution based on what I understand your class does.  The loading of
> the config module could be seperate from the loading of the plugin itself,
> or something. My knowledge on the structure there is limited, so I leave
> you with my thoughts to 'do the right thing' :)

Well, thank you for your input. This is exactly the feedback I wanted to get.

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