kxkb speedups for stable branch

Ilya Konstantinov kde-devel at future.shiny.co.il
Sat Jun 22 17:13:00 BST 2002

> 1) libxkbfile is a .a file on all the systems I have access to. No

Yes, it's always a static library. Its not that large, so we just link
it in.

> 2) There's a fair amount of noise in the patch concerning blank lines
being removed, lines being merged, etc. It makes it hard to read.

Sorry if I spilled out some of my style into this fix patch...

> 3) Is there a teeny-tiny race condition where you use the KTempFile to
create a filename for the temporary stuff and then later use that

I considered it and realized its not a problem, since KTempFile creates
a random file which currently doesn't exist and the chances that someone
will place a symlink right between the object creation and file creation
are non-existant.

So, is my patch going in?

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