QSocket problem with transconnect (proxy)?

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 20 16:04:57 BST 2002

Michael Goffioul wrote
>I modified the patch a little bit to emit the connected signal after the
>read notifier has been enabled, as in tryConnection(). However I still
>don't know how d->addr can be different from

My thoughts exactly. d->addr is referenced only once in the code, and it's 
read. My guess is it DOESN'T work at all.

The thing is, this problem had never shown up because all the connections 
returned EINPROGRESS, which meant that the code in QSocket::tryConnection() 
always got called. However, since there was a connection in progress, 
QSocketDevice::connect() didn't try again to connect.

QSocketDevice::connect() doesn't seem to behave the same way when the socket 
is already connected.

Care to do the honours and send the patch and the bug case to the trolls?

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