kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Allan Sandfeld Jensen snowwolf at one2one-networks.com
Wed Jun 12 01:12:24 BST 2002

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 23:21, Fredrik Höglund wrote:
> The style does not attempt to mimic the default color scheme.
> That is quite intentional, and as it's pointed out in the email
> you're replying to, the style doesn't look all that good with
> the current default color scheme.
It does not follow color schemes accuratly. If you want a new color scheme, 
simply make a new one. 

Actually to be a little more constuctive, I have looked into what puts the 
colors off. It apparently happens in converting between hsv and rgb + it 
doesnt use the same formula for colorizing as kiconeffects. 
I have made a patch that uses the formula from kiconeffects.cpp to calculate 
the hue and still the keramik formula for sat and val. It works okey, the 
biggest problem is that the base pixmaps should be recolored as they are way 
to light if you respect color schemes. (The KDE default color schemes is 
grey, when applying light pixmaps this becomes very white'ish). OTOH dark 
color schemes look great with keramik now, especially atlas looks really 

I'll hack some more. When I am satisfied I can post the patch here if anyone 
is interested?

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