KDE3.1 Feature: kcmfonts / kcmfontinst

cpdrummond at freeuk.com cpdrummond at freeuk.com
Tue Jun 11 19:53:51 BST 2002


I'm aware that the feature freeze is fast approaching, but I'd like to make 
the following additions/changes:

1. Move the anti-alias settings from KFontinst into kcmfonts - the attached 
screenshot shows what I want to add to kcmfonts. Basically kfontinst will add 
font directories, and list symbol encoded fonts, to XftConfig - and kcmfonts 
will control the setting of the "exlclude AA for fonts in the range X to Y 
points", and the usage of sub-pixel hinting.

2. With the help of Waldo Bastian (actually he's done most of the work), 
k(cm)fontinst has been modified to be more consistent with KControl. Changes 
include; the "install from" list has been removed, non-installed fonts can be 
previewed in the file-selector, font-thumbnail creator, fonts and folders can 
be disabled, changes occur only when KControl's "apply" is selected. The 
changes are stored under the "make_it_cool" branch. I'd like this to be 
merged into head for KDE3.1

In order to achieve this kcmfonts and kcmfontinst have to share the code to 
modify XftConfig. At the moment I place the source in the kcontrol/fonts 
directory - and #include the .cpp file into one of k(cm)fontinst's source 
files. This is a bit of a hack - can CVS handle symbolic links? If not is 
there any clean way to share a single .cpp and .h file between these two 
modules - is there a way to get the make process to create a link into these 
files in kcontrol/fonts?  (This change is not yet in CVS - I wanted to get 
approval first before going ahead).

Is this OK? If so how do I add this to the KDE3.1 feature plan?

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