Unifying ~/Desktop

Dave Bordoley bordoley at msu.edu
Tue Jun 11 14:10:53 BST 2002

Maybe another solution would be to standardize trash management between
all filemanager type apps.


On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 09:05, David Faure wrote:
> I'm happy to see KDE changed into using a .desktop file instead of a directory.
> Of course the .desktop file would need to point to the directory somehow
> (e.g. URL= or Exec= and/or a "here's where to drop items when dropping something
> on me" field, which might be a good thing to have in the spec too).
> The point is that if that .desktop file acts as:
> * click on me to open the trash dir
> * move files to the trash when dropping files on me
> * have the standard options for the trash in the rmb (empty trash etc.)
> then we don't really need it to be a real directory, it could be a link.
> This will also make the migration to a real trash ioslave easier, when someone
> actually implements it.

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