[PATCH] KMainWindow::applyMainWindowSettings & SaveMainWindowSettings

Nadeem Hasan nhasan at nadmm.com
Sat Jun 8 17:10:32 BST 2002

On Saturday 08 June 2002 02:29 am, Thomas Zander wrote:
> My experience was not like that; in the contrary.  This behavior makes you
> save all stuff in one group in one go.  That means the setGroup kind of
> calls are near.

And why is that so important? What great performance or anything else does
it buy you? You have given a completely bogus argument here.


> > Yes, I think this *should* be done to make it clear.
> Could you write something so it is clear to you? And provide a patch?

So you mean you don't have a problem with the existing docs?

Nadeem Hasan
nhasan at nadmm.com

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