Shall we wiki ?

Derek Fountain fountai at
Wed Jun 5 13:41:58 BST 2002

On Tuesday 04 June 2002 8:44 pm, Andreas Schlapbach wrote:
> Hi Philippe
> At university, our group is using this quite extensively. There's just
> one problem: funny people. Adding stupid comments, uploading
> trash/offending content or trying to bring down the wiki, all that they
> find extremly amusing.

The Tcl'er's wiki at works extremely well and is 
the definitive source of information about the language. Vandalism is rapidly 
cleared up by anyone passing, to the extent that vandals don't touch it 

We also use a Wiki here in my office, which 160 people use. It works a treat 
and has largely replaced the FAQs and Lotus Notes databases.

A Wiki just requires an administrator to back it up and generally look after 
it. I don't know about the Tcl one, but the one we use in the office needs 
virtually no maintenance at all.

A KDE Wiki is a fantastic idea!

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