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i think this could be very good to complete the KDE env and simple to follow 
due his XML gui/data exchange.


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Subject: [Gnue-announce] New Releases of GNUe Forms, Designer, Common, 
Reports, AppServer
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 19:08:35 -0500
From: Jason Cater <jcater at gnue.org>
To: gnue-announce at gnu.org

The GNU Enterprise team is proud to announce a major release of
it's enterprise application development suite.  This release

    o GNUe Forms 0.3.0
    o GNUe Designer 0.3.0
    o GNUe Common 0.3.0
    o GNUe Reports 0.0.1
    o GNUe Application Server 0.0.1

GNUe-Forms is a platform and UI-independent forms system. It
reads an XML-based forms definition and creates GUIs for Win32,
GTK, and, soon, Curses and HTML. It has a fully data-aware
widget set and can be used in both 2-tier and n-tier environments.

GNUe-Designer is the IDE for the GNUe tools. It allows you to
visually layout your forms in a RAD-style environment. Designer
has a builtin forms client, so you can quickly test your forms
while still in Designer.  Designer also has support for form
creation wizards... answer a few questions, attach your form
to one or more database tables, select the fields to include,
and, voila, a basic form is created.

GNUe-Reports is a platform and output-independent reporting
system. It reads an XML-based report definition and generates
arbitrary XML output that can further be translated into any
format for which there is an adapter.  GNUe Reports currently
has outputs for Text, HTML, and CSV -- with PDF, Postscript,
and Gnumeric/Excel formats in the works.  Reports can output
directly to a file, as an email attachment, to a printer, or
to a HylaFax server.

GNUe Application Server is the data and business rules server
for the GNU Enterprise project. It will provide an object-
oriented backend to forms and reports. In an n-tier environment,
GEAS holds all business rules/logic and provides object-to-
relational access to various database backends.  This release
is primarily a proof-of-concept release that illustrates the
use of GNUe-Common's database backends and RPC abstraction tools.

GNUe-Common is the basis for the GNUe tools, such as Forms,
Reports, Application Server, and Designer.  It implements a
database-abstraction layer that provides support for most major
databases. A builtin XML-to-Object parser and Object-to-XML
marshaller are used by Forms, Reports, and Designer to save
and read Forms/Report definitions to and from an XML file.
It also defines and implements an RPC abstraction layer that
will allow server processes to define their public methods once
and have them available to CORBA, XML-RPC, SOAP, and DCOM

All of these releases are targeted at developers. The five
products are available in source form from our website at


We also have Windows installers for GNUe-Designer and GNUe-Forms
that include all the basic dependencies -- you only have to
download a single setup.exe! The Installers include support for
PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC. These installers are available in
the same locations listed above.

GNUe-Forms 0.3.0, Designer 0.3.0, and Common 0.3.0 have
been tested and are known to run on:

o GNU/Linux (RedHat 6.x/7.x, Debian 2.x, Slackware 8.0, ...)
o Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT
o Solaris 8.0
o FreeBSD 4.x

The introductory releases of GNUe Reports and GNUe
Application Server are known to work on:

o GNU/Linux (RedHat 6.x/7.x, Debian 2.x, Slackware 8.0, ...)
o FreeBSD 4.x
o Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT

Changes to GNUe-Forms 0.3.0:
o Modularization of UI drivers
o Moved trigger logic into Common; addition of new triggers
  (pre-insert, pre-update, pre-delete, pre-commit)
o Added a virtual key mapping system
o Moved Field Display/Keystroke logic out of the UI drivers
o Implemented clipboard support
o Added Go To First Record / Go To Last Record support
o Began translations using Common's new GetText support
o Field values are now typecasted in accordance with the
  new DataObject changes in Common
o Improved the forms event model; allow two-way messages
o Lots of bug fixes

Changes to GNUe-Designer 0.3.0:
o Drag and drop field creation
o Added a creation toolbar
o Greatly enhanced mouse support (cross-hair selectors, ...)
o Added in-place label editing (by double-clicking on a label)
o Better wizard support (new master/detail wizards)
o Integrated database schema support
o Modularization of code / removed dependencies on Forms

Changes to GNUe-Common 0.3.0:
o Formal trigger subsystem added
o Implemented a new runtime configuration system which makes
  the gnue.conf file optional
o First working implementation of a GNUe RPC driver (XMLRPC)
o GNU Gettext i18n support added, with initial translations
  (de, en, en_GB, en_US, hu_HU, lt, lt_LT, ru, uk)
o Added database schema introspection support for SAP-DB,
  MySQL, Interbase/Firebird, and DB2 database drivers
o Updated PostgreSQL code to support PostgreSQL 7.2 oddities
o DataObjects are now properly typecasted
o Added XML Namespace support to our XML Parser
o Removed dependency on PyXML
o Native support for Python's internal stepping debugger
o Changes required for first releases of Reports and App Server
o Misc bug fixes and lots of performance enhancements

Changes to GNUe-Reports 0.0.1:
o Initial release

Changes to GNUe Application Server 0.0.1:
o Initial release

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