Patch to add 'close tab' button in Mozilla style to Konqueror.

Volker Augustin Volker.Augustin at
Wed Jun 5 06:41:40 BST 2002

> By the way: Is there a reason why I cannot create a new tab when I only
> have an empty konqueror window, i.e. right after starting konqueror?
> Another weird thing with tabs is that the first new tab you open seems to
> open in front of the original page and then be put behind it causing a
> flicker. All new tabs created later are correctly created behind the other
> pages.
> And the third usability issue: lack of a mouse and key combination to open
> a link in a new tab when clicking on it (e.g. Ctrl+Click in Opera).

And while we are at it:
If you try to close a konqueror window with more than one open tab konqueror 
should ask for confirmation. Happens to me quite often that I close a 
konqueror window without noticing that there are tabs I have not read yet 
(I use this feature mostly for reading heise newsticker but Nadeem seems to 
have broken this tonight by making new tabs open in front - at least it 
seems so from the cvs log)


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