Patch to add 'close tab' button in Mozilla style to Konqueror.

Volker Augustin Volker.Augustin at
Wed Jun 5 06:20:24 BST 2002

>> Oops, took out the resizeEvent() code and forgot to put it back in.
> Corrected patch attached.

Screenshot please :-))

By the way: Is there a reason why I cannot create a new tab when I only have 
an empty konqueror window, i.e. right after starting konqueror?

Another weird thing with tabs is that the first new tab you open seems to 
open in front of the original page and then be put behind it causing a 
flicker. All new tabs created later are correctly created behind the other 

And the third usability issue: lack of a mouse and key combination to open a 
link in a new tab when clicking on it (e.g. Ctrl+Click in Opera).


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