Kicker Xinerama support

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Wed Jun 5 05:06:39 BST 2002

The attached patch provides at least the beginnings of real Xinerama support 
for kicker placement. It allows the user to drag&drop the panel along any 
edge of any monitor, saves/restores panel placement correctly, and prevents 
panels from spanning across multiple screens. 

Just posting a rough-cut for comments (espescially any suggestions on how to 
do a kcontrol UI for placing the panel). I haven't got any great ideas 
here... maybe just a combobox to pick the screen number, but that seems 
cryptic (and the useability team just did such a nice job with that dialog). 
Showing multiple pickers (for each monitor) is another possibility, but also 
not a great one since there could be a heck of a lot of them.

also, which Kicker classes have to stay BC? I hope not PanelContainer (it's 
header is not shipped, so I went ahead and assumed not).

Known bugs:
	Category 1: panels along the edges of physical screens, but logically in the 
		Kwin seems to mess up window placement with these around (it won't let you 
drag windows past them). 
		Autohiding - autohidden panels in this position are basically impossible to 
open, since the electric borders aren't there to trigger it. Since they look 
stupid anyway (they slide oddly from one screen to the other, where they show 
but are dead) I need to disable autohide for these positions.

	Switching - it doesn't correctly force taskbars assigned to screens greated 
than the available number back onto an existing one. So reconfiguration is 
bad until I fix that.

It should work on non-Xinerama systems as well, though I haven't tested that 
yet :-)

If anybody with an unusual Xinerama setup would like to take a look, be my 
guest. Any bug reports I haven't listed above are also welcome.
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