[PATCH] Adding accels on KStdAction::firstPage() & lastPage()

David Faure david at mandrakesoft.com
Tue Jun 4 07:57:48 BST 2002

On Tuesday 04 June 2002 02:29, Nadeem Hasan wrote:
> On Monday 03 June 2002 05:36 pm, Thomas Zander wrote:
> > I don't think it is a good idea to provide defaults like that. We allready
> > have almost no keys left..
> > The good thing about good defaults is that you provide the things needed
> > and not much more. Otherwise the defaults get in your way when you are
> > personally configuring stuff.
> >
> Here is why this is not a bad idea:
> Many kde apps already use these accels for the same purpose (e.g. kate & 
> kword).

Sounds good. Even kghostview seems to use the same shortcuts.
kdvi lacks them, this would be a good opportunity for it to get them ;)

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