KDE 3.1 release schedule draft

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Jun 3 11:33:43 BST 2002

On Mon, 03 Jun 2002, Thomas Diehl wrote:

> Together with KOffice and vague plannings on 3.0.2 this means that translators 
> (and a lot of other people) have to meet 3 release dates during the main 
> vacation time in many countries: KOffice in July, 3.1 in August (if we keep 
> early September), and 3.0.2 somewhere in between. 

3.0.2 is already scheduled for June 17th, although I might slip it by a 
week. The reason for this early release is the number of security issues 
pointed out and the enormous rate of incoming bugreports, therefore I'd like 
to have a "clean" release. 

I can't judge about the KOffice work, but how much work is to do for 3.0.2 
from the translators/documentation side? The string changes should be 
minimal, and documentation work has been switched over to HEAD anyway as far 
as I know. 

> implement a whole lot more and give people a little time to take a breath in 
> between if we give some more time. I'd prefer if we could aim at something 
> like late October, early November. Even with the usual delays we still would 
> be out before the Christmas break then.

Okay with me. How many weeks of i18n string changes do you want ? A later 
release with more features probably requires more time to translate. 


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