KDE 3.1 release schedule draft

Rob Kaper cap at capsi.com
Mon Jun 3 09:26:10 BST 2002

On Sun, Jun 02, 2002 at 11:50:41PM -0700, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > I have to second this. Why is there a need to rush into new .X release ?
> > I think a new .0.X is enough at the moment.
> 1. Anyone who wants/needs an application or a feature that is new in KDE 
> 3.1 won't find that a new 3.0.2 will be enough at the moment.

On the other hand, anyone who wants/needs an application or feature that is
new in KDE 3.1 would like to have the time to finish it as well.

> 2. Let's also remember that working on 3.0.2 in some cases means foregoing 
> KDE 3.1 development entirely, because to be able to continue to backport 
> fixes, the two branches have to be kept in line with each other.  So KDE 
> 3.1 can't be put off forever.

Noone wants to put it off forever. What I do sense in this thread is that
some developers feel the current schedule (or rather, DRAFT, good thinking
to put that in on the page Dirk!) is too tight, too rushed (partially biased

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