kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Carsten Pfeiffer carpdjih at cetus.zrz.tu-berlin.de
Sat Jun 1 08:32:27 BST 2002

On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 11:14:11AM +0200, Carsten Wolff wrote:
> I have committed a patch a few weeks ago, wich set the sync for "unix" and 
> unsets it for "Win" and kde. (BTW, what would be the right setting for 
> Mac?) So this would be a thing, that were different in a kde2-scheme, 
> you're right.
> Then Carsten Pfeiffer told me, the klipper-option was broken and will be 
> removed, not fixed. Now I just see, that there has some work on it going 
> on. So, Carsten P., please tell me, is it fixed? Can I 
> adapt kpersonalizer now?

I added a frontend to QClipboard, which makes the clipboard configurable.
That means, that every KDE application would have to be "ported" to the new
KClipboard tho. And I'm not sure if we could override everything in Qt, setting
the clipboard as well.

And all this would only help KDE applications of course, plain Qt applications
or anything else wouldn't obey these settings.

So I think I'll submit KClipboard to the Trolls, asking if they'd adopt this
kind of interface and the configurability.

Carsten Pfeiffer

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