kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Carsten Wolff AirWulf666 at gmx.net
Sat Jun 1 10:14:11 BST 2002

On Saturday 01 June 2002 00:41, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Friday May 31, 2002 03:09, Carsten Wolff wrote:
> > On Friday 31 May 2002 20:33, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > The second page of the personalizer lets you choose an environment to
> > > mimic.  I propose that KDE 2/3.0 be added to that list.
> >
> > Ah, I see. That would probably be a good idea, if there was more than
> > just the preselect-style-signal to the stylepage (step4), wich would be
> > different to KDE (3.1) default.
> > What else do you think should distinguish the 2/3.0 theme from the 3.1
> > one? I mean, ospage is mainly about things like double-click, window
> > decoration, focus model, shortcut-schemes, etc., virtually the "feel"
> > in look&feel. And I think widget-style and icons are more likely to
> > represent the "look" and belong to stylepage.
> Most of the feel is identical, yes.  But having a fixed in stone KDE 2
> setting here will allow things to change later, while still giving people
> access to the current established defaults.

Still, as long as it is only styles, wich are different, I don't think it's 
logical to put the option on ospage, stylepage would be more suitable.

> Also, I wonder if there would there be any chance that KPersonalizer
> could affect the clipboard settings, too?  So that selecting KDE 2 would
> give the selection/clipboard sync?

I have committed a patch a few weeks ago, wich set the sync for "unix" and 
unsets it for "Win" and kde. (BTW, what would be the right setting for 
Mac?) So this would be a thing, that were different in a kde2-scheme, 
you're right.
Then Carsten Pfeiffer told me, the klipper-option was broken and will be 
removed, not fixed. Now I just see, that there has some work on it going 
on. So, Carsten P., please tell me, is it fixed? Can I 
adapt kpersonalizer now?

Greetings, Carsten.

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