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I wanted to know what the resolution of the Mebi versus Mega conversation was.  
I do think it's would be nice to adopt this, and as the feature freeze is 
over now...

Also, I've noticed the use of Disc instead of Disk and I should note that as 
the C locale is american english this should be changed:
	Disc is the correct spelling for a single Disc (a CD).
	When the medium doesn't appear like a Disc, it is spelled Disk, with a K 
(i.e., a Floppy Disk, a Hard Disk).  I should expect that we KDE developers 
would be all for spelling things with a K... *especially* when it's the 
correct spelling.

According to the Free Online Dictionary of Computing:
	<storage, spelling> British spelling of "disk", normally only used for 
"compact disc".

Anyone remember when Kurt brought up our new site featuring the phrase 
"Conquer your Desktop", and many of us felt something was spelled wrong? ;)

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