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Currently the bell configuration is stored as follows:
Peripherals/System Bell stores UseSystemBell (bool) in kdeglobals, group 
General and the pitch, volume and length in kcmbellrc. 
Peripherals/Accessibility (kcmaccsrc, the old one) stores everything in 
kaccessrc, including UseSystemBell, leading to a conflict. A simple grep told 
me that nobody opens kcmbellrc, I might be wrong.
As I'm working in the Accessibility module, I wanted to correct this problem 
and I thought about two posible alternatives.
Store everything in bellrc (why kcmbellrc ?) or store everything on 
kdeglobals, or some part in kdeglobals (the main bools) and the rest in 
Remember that there is configuration for System Bell (if it's used or not, 
pitch, volume, lenght), Custom Bell (if it's used or not, sound to be played) 
and Visible Bell (if it's used or not, flash or invert, if flash, color of 
flash, and length).
I think all in bellrc leads to a more clean solution.
The same will happen to Mouse and Keyboard (some things are stored in 
kcminputrc and other in kaccessrc AFAIK).
Anything that is choosen, I can make the necesary changes in the whole KDE.
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