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Mon Dec 16 09:53:47 GMT 2002

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On Monday 16 December 2002 08:06, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hi there,
> found this on
> Anyone interested in using that to sort of complete khelpcenter with the
> new default style ?

Well, I was planning to update khelpcenter to look like the new KDE website, 
but it looks like that isn't going to get off the ground.

This is ok, but it's got some issues as it is, and isn't a 100% ready drop in 
replacement.  Not sure it's core-devel material either (unless you're all 
really tired of the grey, which I still think is kind of nice and neutral and 
not at all ugly.)  I think I like the not-the-kde-website look better, it's 
less "bright", still fits the color scheme, wouldn't look terrible the minute 
you changed color scheme to say, bright red, and would take a lot kindlier to 
user stylesheets (especially accessibility based ones) than that bright blue 
on kde-look would.  

Still, no rush to decide, it's not going to be changed before 3.2 now, there 
will probably be more options by then.

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