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Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Sat Dec 14 09:39:23 GMT 2002

On Friday 13 December 2002 8:39 pm, Marco Fioretti wrote:
|  On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 12:21:10 at 12:21:10PM +0100, Stefan Gehn
| (sgehn at gmx.net) wrote: 
|  > I always forget that ctrl-c/ctrl-v only works in the QT part of my
|  > desktop, GTK only uses the normal X-Clipboard. I doubt there will ever
|  > be a perfect clipboard-system :)
|  Exactly! This is what I'm trying to understand, and the kind of thing
|  I'd like to see more interest/consciousness/development about: things
|  that make possible *and* easy (for non developers too!) to mix any part
|  of KDE, Gnome , or everything else maintaining
|  integration/interworking. In that way, people could be use "pure KDE",
|  "pure Gnome" or whatever without too many troubles.

IIRC, we have had "clipboard" thread n kde-core-devel recently 
(cc:'ed to <o: <xdg-list at freedesktop.org> mailing list, archives at  
<https://listman.redhat.com/pipermail/xdg-list/> )

It seems problems you mentioned would be fixed in upcoming GTK2/GNOME2 
releases (GNOME 2.2, scheduled for the end of Jan.2003)

|  > > * One standard, centralized, font management system, for both display
|  > > and printing.
|  > > VP:  it's called FontConfig.
|  > > KDE 3.1/Qt-3.1 use FontConfig.
|  >
|  > Then push the rest of the world to follow. FontConfig probably will not
|  > help me as a user with my OpenOffice nor will it help me with Gnumeric
|  > or other gtk/gnome apps as long as they do not use the new technique.
|  > The problem with standards and standard-libs is always the same: some
|  > people just don't want to use it or do not have the time to write
|  > support for it.
|  > Are there any comments about FontConfig coming from other projects like
|  > Mozilla, gtk, OO or whatever has to use FontConfig directly?
|  Right again! Big (cross-platform!!) apps are one of the biggest
|  problem, probably, they have to take so many things into account. I do
|  plan, however, to ask similar questions on the Mozilla/OOo lists too,
|  to build a list of everything that (teoretically) could be improved.

AFAIK, Galeon2 (based on GTK2/GNOME2) is in development, you will get AA and 
FontConfig support out of GTK2 for it.
Same is valid about AbiWord (there is a development version which uses GTK2)

As about "pure Mozilla"  - I realy don't know what are development plans for 
<mozilla-layout> list seems to be dead (or very close to death) - just a few 
people post on it, and very seldom. I am not subscribed to other Mozilla 
lists (and use Mozilla itself only for testing purposes)

as about OpenOffice:
well, 2 years ago GNOME people promised to "disassemble OO into parts/objects, 
make BONOBO objects out of those, and assemble those objects back into one 
great Office Suite".
It seems this hasn't happen.  Why?  I really curious to know thier answer.
If you can get some answers - pls post them back to the list, or send 

If OO gets, say, GTK2, or (even better) Qt 3.1 frontend - than problesm with 
font configuration would magically disappear in one second.
Again, I am not aware about OO Roadmap and further developemnt direction.
I just know that it developing very slowly, and still very bloated.
Feel free to share info you can get.

|  As already said, expect posts from me to Mozilla/OOo to hear what they
|  say. Everybody else I should contact?

I think you should also contact authots of AbiWord and Gnumeric.
AFAIK, not all GNOME/GTK users share hype around OpenOffice, so pls give 
AbiWord/Gnumeric hackers a chance to tell their opinion.

If you want to cover other office suites & browser developers as well - you 
may want to contact Hancom Linux (Hancom Office) and Opera Software, too.
Both use Qt3 as a basis for thie producst, so most likely HancomOffice and 
Opera are *compatible* with KDE apps.  But they certanly use own preferences 
for apps configuration, which is not very good.  I would prefer it 
intergrated into KDE Contol Center (as KControl modules), or into some "QT 
Control Center".

|  	TIA.
|  		Marco Fioretti


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