Looking for feedback on Gnome/KDE article

Marco Fioretti m.fioretti at inwind.it
Fri Dec 13 17:39:34 GMT 2002

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 12:21:10 at 12:21:10PM +0100, Stefan Gehn (sgehn at gmx.net) wrote:
thanks for your feedback. Specific comments below.

> I always forget that ctrl-c/ctrl-v only works in the QT part of my desktop, 
> GTK only uses the normal X-Clipboard. I doubt there will ever be a perfect 
> clipboard-system :)

Exactly! This is what I'm trying to understand, and the kind of thing
I'd like to see more interest/consciousness/development about: things
that make possible *and* easy (for non developers too!) to mix any part
of KDE, Gnome , or everything else maintaining
integration/interworking. In that way, people could be use "pure KDE",
"pure Gnome" or whatever without too many troubles.

> > * One standard, centralized, font management system, for both display and
> > printing.
> > VP:  it's called FontConfig.
> > KDE 3.1/Qt-3.1 use FontConfig.
> Then push the rest of the world to follow. FontConfig probably will not help 
> me as a user with my OpenOffice nor will it help me with Gnumeric or other 
> gtk/gnome apps as long as they do not use the new technique. The problem with 
> standards and standard-libs is always the same: some people just don't want 
> to use it or do not have the time to write support for it.
> Are there any comments about FontConfig coming from other projects like 
> Mozilla, gtk, OO or whatever has to use FontConfig directly?
Right again! Big (cross-platform!!) apps are one of the biggest
problem, probably, they have to take so many things into account. I do
plan, however, to ask similar questions on the Mozilla/OOo lists too,
to build a list of everything that (teoretically) could be improved.
> > * A method for easy definition of the same hot keys across different
> > applications.
> > -->  what application do you speak about?
> Probably having only one place to set up shortcuts like cutnpaste, quit 
> application, etc.
Just that! On my workplace, due to our way of work, I spend about 1
week/month switching back and forth between OOo and Xemacs. I waste a
lot of time (and lose data now and then) because save, cut-n-paste,
etc.. are different in the two windows...I try to save a-la-OOo
(CTRL-s), and xemacs idles waiting for text to search... then I try to
save a-la-emacs (CTRL-x-CTRL-s)... and delete text and save in OOo :-(
> Currently Gnome and KDE do not share these common shortcuts, it's just luck if 
> they are the same on both platforms and as soon as you change them on one 
> system you have to do the same in the tool for the other side.
Precisely. Of course this is not a Gnome or KDE issue. Nobody is right
and nobody is wrong, if not for the fact that problems like these seem
to have drawn almost zero attention so far.

As already said, expect posts from me to Mozilla/OOo to hear what they
say. Everybody else I should contact?

		Marco Fioretti

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