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David Faure david at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Dec 11 16:18:36 GMT 2002

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On Wednesday 11 December 2002 16:42, George Staikos wrote:
> My /tmp/kde-$USER/ directory grows and grows.  It's rather annoying that we 
> are not cleaning up after ourselves.  Currently, the offenders are:
> kxkb:  kxkbyHrJVb.xkm  etc
I looked into that one a few weeks ago, and found out that kxkb creates
those on startup, and is supposed to delete them on exit. That is, when
KDE is exiting properly. I thought it was my own fault (typing "shutdown"
from within KDE often), but if you say you have it too...
Someone needs to investigate why kxkb isn't properly terminated when
exiting KDE.

> 		konquerorki9Vza.html (from HTML source that was viewed)

Viewing HTML source never unlinks the ktempfile indeed.
One solution I can think of, would be to use kfmexec (maybe it needs
to be extended, because it currently downloads and creates the tempfile
itself, whereas in the khtml case the tempfile is created by khtml).
Currently khtml uses
  (void) KRun::runURL( url, QString::fromLatin1("text/plain") );
(where url points to the tempfile).
I guess KRun::runURL, KRun::run(service,urls) need a new bool that
says "delete the url after the file exits". Hmm, and then we don't even need
a new kfmexec process, KRun's KProcessRunner could do the job ....
unless you exit konqueror before closing the kwrite window, that is :}
This would be a reason to use kfmexec, in fact.

Waldo: why does only runTempService use processDesktopExec,
i.e. can potentially use kfmexec? Somehow I think there's a bug
in KRun::run(service,urls), which might send urls to an app that
doesn't support them. klauncher has processDesktopExec too,
but without the support for kfmexec apparently?

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