[PATCH] Re: [am_edit bug?] foo_CXXFLAGS doesn't seem to work

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Tue Dec 10 21:22:58 GMT 2002

On Die, 10 Dez 2002, Marc Mutz wrote:

> Frankly, I've no idea what @AMDEPBACKSLASH@ expands to other than a 
> backslash, but if it's necessary to have this macro restored and not a 
> plain backslash,

No, the reason are those AM_DEPFOOBAR lines at the beginning. they either 
expand to "" or to "#", and a continuation character at the end of a comment 
gives a "undefined behaviour" warning, thats why they had to encapsulate 
that one as well. 

I figure by replacing them with \ after edit it will remove the workaround 
AM_BACKSLASH tried to implement. 

Dirk (received 632 mails today)

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