KDE 3.1: delayed

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sat Dec 7 03:05:14 GMT 2002

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On Friday December 06, 2002 05:26, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Stop being facetious, Neil. What it means is that if you have problems
> with the binary packages, then SEE YOUR DISTRIBUTOR. This is necessary
> because of problems in the past (like Debian testing being a bastard mix
> of 2.1 and 2.2).

Facetious?  No, I'm quite serious.  If people think shipping source is 
useless, and that the only real releases are the binary releases, then I 
think it's time the package policy was re-evalulated.

As for seeing your vendor, that's not as easy as it seems.  KDE does give 
the impression that KDE is endorsing or even creating these packages.  
When KDE arranges releases for the binaries, and gives the binaries 
prominent position in announcements and download spaces, KDE becomes the 
vendor in the eyes of the users.

It's just a thought...

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