KDE 3.1: delayed

Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Fri Dec 6 16:38:07 GMT 2002

On Friday 06 December 2002 7:18 pm, Navindra Umanee wrote:
|  Simon Hausmann <hausmann at kde.org> wrote:
|  > I share that opinion. The users have been waiting for 3.1 very long
|  > now. A source release is IMHO better than none at all, especially
|  > when it contains security fixes.
|  Users hate pure source releases as far as I know.  I often have people
|  telling me stuff like they don't get the RC because there were no RPMs
|  for XXX. It takes an awful lot of time to compile everything.

Well, it's indeed quite difficult to get & compile 5 different RC (RC1-RC5), 
especially if you have other tasks to do, either at home or at work.
That's why, for example, I still run KDE3.1-beta2

BUT:  3.1 *RELEASE* is different story.
I can sacrificy part of my time in favour of compile (supposing that KDE 
3.1-final _compiles_, with know list of required dependencies), and make 
binary RPMs available for other people.

If someone can send me LM-9.0 CDs - than I can build KDE 3.1 for Mandrake 9.0 
as well. (I run LM 8.2 due to the fact that I don't have bandwidth to 
download 2 ISO CDs)

What do we have left behind this?
I guess Debian can make packaging, too - as it's not a company and there is no 
*schedule* which they need to follow.
SuSE:  may be, Waldo can build packages?  I don't know who is the *regular 
packager* for KDE at SuSE, but as KDE packages (usually) available for SuSE, 
I doubt new release would be somewaht incompatible with SuSE standards for 

|  For a release as big as 3.1, I'd say binary packages were very
|  important.

Agree 100%.

|  -N.


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