KDE 3.1: delayed

Andras Mantia amantia at virtualartisans.com
Fri Dec 6 10:02:48 GMT 2002

On 2002. December 06., Friday 11:49, Lauri Watts wrote:
> > Also somebody should check that _all_ the documentation (index.docbook)
> > are using the new 4.1.2 V1.1 DTD, as if they don't, the compilation may
> > fail.
> 4.1.2 was introduced with KDE 3.0, and 4.1 was there from 2.2.something and
> is still in KDE_3_1_BRANCH, so it should be safe either way.  It's only
> HEAD that we've added 4.2 and removed 4.1 - 4.1.2 is there either way.

This is what I always forget: is 4.1 in KDE_3_1_BRANCH or not. ;-) Anyway, I 
think fixing branch so it works (compiles) with kdelibs from HEAD is a good 


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