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Tim Jansen tim at tjansen.de
Thu Dec 5 00:28:10 GMT 2002

On Thursday 05 December 2002 00:04, George Staikos wrote:
>    Propose design. :)  That was my project to start with, and really most
> of the backend is done, though it needs some major fixes.  

I never understood the initial design of kwallet, probably because the client 
API is still missing. But my understanding of the basic idea (based on 
Mozilla's password manager) is:

- you want to save authentication information for URLs
- for each URL, one or more ways to authenticate ("entries") are managed by 
- each entry has a name, so the user can differentiate them when there is more 
than one entry for a URL
- each entry has a type that specifies the data stored in the entry. Types 
  * username+password (for most protocols)
  * password only (needed for RFB/VNC)
  * a number of named fields, one of them is the password (for HTML form 
- the app or KIO module that uses kwallet decides the name, type and data of 
the entry

> What should it look like, where does it hook in, etc?  I have some ideas of
> what I would like to see, but I need to know what different apps and KIO
> need.

GUI for KIO modules and most apps:
- the password dialogs needs a select box that allows the user to select one 
of the password that she has saved for the URL. If you select one of the 
entries, it will fill the username and password inputs of the pw dialog with 
this data
- when you have entered a username+password, a dialog appears and asks whether 
you want to save this password (options: yes, no, never for this server). The 
username will be taken as name of the entry

GUI for HTML pages:
- when you submit a html form that has exactly one password field, show the 
same dialog as above. If the user clicks yes, save all values of the form and 
use the first one as name for the entry.
- when the user enters a HTML page that she has saved a password form for and 
the form still exists with the same field names, pre-fill the form for her. 
If there is more than one entry for the URL, ask the user which entry to take 
(and whether to make it the default and forget all other entries - the lack 
of this option really annoys me in Mozilla)


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