XML version of feature plan

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at kde.org
Wed Dec 4 20:13:13 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 04 December 2002 20:00, Tim Jansen wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 December 2002 03:13, CP Hennessy wrote:
> > Is it possible to add some more information to the TODO status
> > for example :
> > [...]
> > This might help get other developers interested, and to lend a hand
> > especially for the larger/complex features.
> For this purpose it may be nice to include even more information:
> - would like help
> - needs help
> and maybe the information what kind of help is desired (talking about
> the design, coding, design...).

So you are basically proposing to also generate the jobs page from the 
features xml file? Sounds like a good idea. This would make a smooth 
transition from an open job to a feature being implemented and finally 
appearing in the list of new features. The jobs page doesn't seem to be 
used very heavily anyway, so this might give some fresh impulses.

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at kde.org>

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